Who Is The Spiritual Playboy?

This website is about one man’s journey into spirituality and ecstasy. I don’t claim to be anything but a seeker of knowledge, energy and the ancient wisdom that lives deep in our core, which we all seem to have forgotten due to the fast paced world of materialism and “achievement”.

What I share on this website is nothing but my own journey, experiences and knowledge of where my life takes me. It is one view of a million different potential views. I share what inspires and motivates me, real, and sometimes raw.

I don’t claim to be infallible or perfect. Not everything I will share will be 100% accurate, but all will come from a source of passion, research, inspiration and love. If it inspires you, I encourage you to do some research for yourself.

Why the “Spiritual Playboy”?

The Spiritual Playboy is a term first coined by the 20th century mystic named OSHO, when he was questioned about the practices at his ashram. Some claimed the work being done there was “inspired more by the likes of Hugh Hefner of Playboy rather than a Spiritual leader.”

OSHO’s response was classic. He admitted to being “a spiritual playboy” and then asked, “and what is wrong with that?”

For too long spirituality and religion divorced sexuality from the human experience. Classically, most religion linked sexuality (outside of procreation) to sin, conditioning shame, fear and guilt into the developmental script of modern (wo)man.

Being a practitioner of Tantra, and a student of OSHO, I see sexuality as being an integral part of the human experience. No different than breathing, eating or sleeping. It’s a basic human need.

The problem with today’s society is that we have perverted sexuality by not going into it with ease, honor and/or freedom. We have judged it, and therefore deviated ourselves from a natural relationship with it.

Society, media, and pornography exploit sexuality to sell everything from consumer products to movies, but when it comes to experiencing it in a conscious and healthy way, many taboos are associated, creating shame, dis-ease and personal abuse.

The Spiritual Playboy Blog celebrates the marriage between spirituality and sexuality. It recognizes that sexuality is one of the cornerstones of the body’s vitality. Using sexual energy and moving it throughout our body, beyond our genitals, is a key to healthier living!

My goal is to start contributing to a “new sex script”, one that brings people a fresh vision of sexuality. Actually, it’s a Sexual Renaissance. We need to realize and remember the true potential of sexuality and sexual energy; what it can do for us, and how it can help bring us into higher realms of being.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Feel free to share your comments on my posts, whether it be videos of my journeys, thoughts, or reviews of current events and articles.


Let Love Free.

Frank Mondeose

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