People Use People

Written by on February 19, 2017

People use people.
People manipulate people.
People hurt people.
Abuse is not reserved to one gender even though that’s what the current narrative would have you think.
We acknowledge the challenges of one gender’s struggles, and we discount the life and times challenges of the other and actually make the whole population of them the perpetrator because they have “privilege” whether seen or unseen. Each individual has their story of struggle that is very real to them.
But the color of your skin and gender does not offer a “free pass” in the world as much as people would like to believe. Every person is being asked to do more w less. Every person is slowly watching their rights and freedoms slowly stolen from them.
Each individual has their own struggles that seem unfair to them. Some more than others. And struggling minorities absolutely do need to be represented.
What is not balanced and leaves no space for healing, is when one gender takes exclusivity of victimization and discounts the voice, feelings and efforts of the other because they are reclaiming their power.
Many people are suffering in silence, women, minorities, and men as well, believe it or not etc. There is no exclusivity on pain and victimization especially when we live in a time where the powers that be don’t see the differences between us, as we all do.
What they have over us is that they see us all the same : like slaves. Plebs serving a system. Live Energy resource used to rape the planet for the true privileged to get fatter (1%). They don’t differentiate the masses, the masses differentiate the masses. And they sit back throwing bait and watching the blood thirsty attack each other.
As long as the gender war exists, there will always be war in the world. It’s a power battle and historically men have used brut force to keep women down due to insecurity and fear of the feminine life force.
Today i am seeing the rise of women using emotional, sexual and psychological manipulation to commonly keep men dis-empowered. The trend is rising, and if a man expresses this, his experience is downplayed and even humiliated for showing their vulnerability.
I am not saying, a disenfranchised community should not rise up to balance the power. What i am saying is that, the average straight white male is not the enemy because they are straight, white and male. Most of them are scared, dis empowered and disenfranchised.
The state and the system is the enemy of the disenfranchised.
Just as one does not choose to be born in black body, or a woman’s body, or an indigenous body, believe it or not, men didnèt choose to be born in a man’s body either.
Each soul must come to the world and play their part in the tapestry of life and deal w the challenges they are handed. That’s what awakens their inner fire and soul call.
Making a person the enemy because of the body they reside in is essentially sexist, whether they are female OR male.
The fight is against the oppressor, not the symbol of the oppression whichever one they are choosing to use at this time. Fighting a population because of the vehicle they are in whether it is Female, Male, Black, Jewish, Muslim, Latino, etc etc etc. is misplaced aggression of oppression and not of hate for the other.
When we realize we are all being manipulated and abused, then we might start focusing on the source of the problem rather than the symptoms of the problem and choose to get into alignment and harmonization by acknowledging that everyone is battling some enemy or demon in their life.

I am Calling on the Feminine essence of every being, to root in unconditional love of the mother and stop w the hate.
Hate is hate, regardless of which package is doing the segregating.
Love should trump hate, yet love does not create separation.
Trump is a gift to us, as he will bring us all back together against the system of hate, degradation, control and enslavement, and it was not Trump that created this. It’s been this way since man has claimed dominion over nature.


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