Aligning Heart with Purpose

Written by on October 15, 2017

How does one express to the world, the depth of their heart, care and love, in a society that is concerned mostly w image, goods, and mind?


I feel aligned when I travel the world, sharing heart with people dedicated and invested in reclaiming their life, ready to let all the rest fall away or die, only to get a glimpse of their soul call, which echoes from the point in their heart, that bridges our spiritual life with our material life.

I feel lost when I come “home” and attempt to fit in, or try to “make it” or focus on some kind of mind version of “success” and outward focused “acceptance”.

I don’t subscribe to it anymore. My wealth is in the reverberations of joy, laughter, dance and the shedding of pain, traumas or stories, that I have the privilege to partake in.

While society is in a world war with its’ own reflections, anchored in differences solidified by personal identities, I continue to surrender deeper to the Void, where all is one and nothing, nurturing and scary, all at once.

I allow the story of my existence to play out where I synergize w my surroundings, and in between, I lay low, exercising the demands of the material world, without becoming an outcast. I contain my shine until I am in a space that can hold it and be used to nurture heart, love, spirit and transmutation.

From there I rest in the idea that more Dragons enter the world, hopefully enough to eventually create a tipping point that will alter our reality from mind based living, to heart based existence.

And through it all, I channel those before me, those who currently walk the path with me, wherever they are in the world, and I focus on creating a safer space for those coming after me to walk a life of embodied power and freedom that will ultimately serve the collective.

Today my heart speaks from it’s core, without concern of how it will be interpretted, for I choose to share authenticly, with transperancy and vulnerability, and chuckle at any resistance it may create.

Thank you my brothers and sisters who ignite my heart embers into a raging fire of passion and compassion. Thank you for being my reflections so I may better know myself. And thank you for your compassionate honesty and kindness, regardless of what it may look like.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


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