An Epidemic of Posers and Wanna-Be’s 

Written by on July 10, 2024

Money mastery coaches who are mostly broke.

Relationship gurus who can’t maintain a long term relationship.

Spiritual masters that don’t introspect, shadow hunt, or atone for their mistakes.

And so on and so on and so on.

We are morally bankrupt, playing dress up, and extorting money from vulnerable people who really are seeking support.

The new age is filled w wanna be’s looking to escape the matrix by exploiting the next fad, themselves and you.

Now on the flip side, there is nothing better than people doing their work and paying it forward. We need more of that.

The issue is more when, in the process of waking up, one becomes deluded with the idea that now they should be teaching, meanwhile, lacking the embodiment, practice, experience, and consistently producing  results for their own peace, sanity, or abundance. Instead they quickly flip their new found beginner 101 content, into personal development expert and guru, charging 5 to 10 times what real teachers with proven track records offer, because they doing it to make money, and not to serve.

The high ticket price, the new age jargon litering their posts, and all the skin they need to show in their ads are dead giveaways of posers exploiting the field.

Sure you got to start somewhere. Best to start w humility and respect for the teachers that came before you, and demonstrate some dignity, by actually going through a real education process or apprenticeship w someone proven.

It takes time, patience, mistakes, support, and commitment. If you are a real one, you will get there. I have seen them. I have trained them. But before that, best to settle down and not replace your day job w being a charlatan. This doesn’t help the field grow. It actually discredits the work.

Another reason I am starting my slow exit from the field of sacred sexuality.

Too many crackerjack box experts, trying to get their sex, money and power needs met, and pretending to be in service, to truly honor this field of work.

I will be cutting down my offerings by 66% moving forward and creating new, more lifestyle based events to give people a place to practice.

W love and care.

Your friendly neighborhood shit disturber and truth seeker/speaker


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