On Freedom and Fitting In

Written by on April 24, 2024

I don’t always get it right, but at least i have the balls to put it out there and try, while most die silently inside, too scared of what the world will think of them if they did.

I will not make myself smaller or more palatable for a few snowflakes that truly believe their easily triggered feelings are more important than having the conversations, whether it is right, wrong or misguided.

The unwillingness to risk getting it wrong is an individual’s path to self imposed shackles, freeze, repression and slavery.

No person, organization, or system can demand or bully me into compliance of an order that demands the censorship of my expression or  regards my heart guided actions as dangerous or unsafe.

I would say, THAT system is unsafe and fake, and it is only a matter of time before the internal reveals itself externally.

We can not hide the truth for long. Somehow it has a way of displaying itself, and if i am wrong, may it be seen and may i be exposed. If i am not, may the systems that overeach be brought to light and may those who lead be exposed for their ambitions, agendas, desire for power masked as service.

I am not afraid. What scares me is obediance, group think, and cowardice.

Why am I willing to risk it all for? freedom of expression, freedom of thought and consciousness, and freedom of choice. This is why we incarnated. To give it up to any system that demands this is a an act of self sabotage and harm to fit in. It is a personal violation based on outside pressures that present as more important than your inner guidance.

What are you willing to risk your whole reputation for?

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