Recovery, Creativity and Temple Culture

Written by on April 25, 2024

I’m feeling to share a bit more of my energy and aliveness w you today

I’m feeling so hyped. My creative self is back online. Burn out kicked my ass and it was hard being creative, generous, or nice for that matter.  Feels like I just recently crawled out of a deep pit or maybe more  accurately, gone through another death/rebirth spiral.

Im about 83% recovered, but are we ever really 100%? That said, I will take 83% and get myself back into conscious creator.

And folks, I, with some of my favorite allies, have some fkn amazing creations for you.

As I step away from ISTA, I open the space to bring through more of my gifts, and magic, and customize things that make me happy and w the plan to elevate the conscious sex, embodiement and Temple fields.

As we have supported people to bust through their body shame, we have created spaces to enable greater self acceptance and erotic confidence.

However that is just the starting point. The field needs maturing.

I’ve started to cringe a little when I hear some of the feedback coming out of Temple nights in general, often seemingly lacking the foundation of the sacred or dropped in embodied prayer. To me thats more of a play party than Temple, which is totally fine, except that it dilutes the meaningfulness and sacredness of Temple.

I find myself wanting to see more from the field. Hearing a call to greater responsibility to raising the integrity and maturation of these sacred spaces.

As we fill our cups, beginning w the first rung of lust, we have the opportunity to raise the energy from the lower chakras , up the ascension process of the alchemical field of heart, love and collective consciousness.

I’m clear I will no longer be facilitating level 1 or beginner spaces.

My focus and commitment moving forward is to deepening practices and maturing process of the collective Temple Culture and field of Initiates.

Even though I am exiting ISTA, I still very much plan to serve the field I have served for a decade, cultivating it in Canada, United States, Costa Rica and beyond.

Bottom line, hang tight. Next level shit coming your way courtesy Frank Mondeose and friends.

We got you. We love you. Best is yet to come.


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