2016: Year of Purification / 2017: End of Illusions

Written by on January 3, 2017

2016 was NOT a bad year. Waking up today I realize to what point 2016 was amazing. In our entitled way of living, we want to believe if something does not go our way, or creates pain, that somehow that is bad.

2016 was always stated to be the Year of Purification. Purification means the process of cleaning something to make it pure.

So the shadow showed its ugly face again in 2016. GOOD. That is the opportunity to learn from our limited beliefs, our unconscious patterns of behaviour, and our coping strategies, which focus on avoidance, numbing and denial.

2016 was a year that will support my development as a conscious powerful creator in the world. It will feed my commitment, passion and desire to be in service for something larger than myself.

In 2016 I taught in 5 countries. In 2016 I gave my heart to another and also watched it be mishandled. At first I took that as an offence. “I deserve better,” I said. Yes I do believe I deserve better in love and in life, but the ultimate violation was one where I chose not to uphold my own boundaries and I allowed all my old beliefs of who I used to be, take over my reality. Always know your boundaries. Always communicate your boundaries. Always respect your boundaries.

2016 helped me see my small self clearly. The ego driven self that is insecure, scared, reactive and aggressive (the unhealthy masculine and wounded feminine which I often teach about). It was a gift. Without it, i would only keep pretending that I was reaching my potential.

2016 served as the fire, where I could drop all my shit and allow it to burn away; a purging, just like any powerful medicine journey. We purge in the fire to allow it to burn away, and we take in the light, and the heat, that represents the central sun, which transmutes the emotions of the heart into a song of life.

2016 was not a bad year. It was a year of preparation.

2017 will not be any easier. For those of us happy that last year was over and this year has begun, I say to you this:

2017 is about the “end of illusion”. Illusion can be everything from the security of the state (Government), to the way we present ourselves in the world. All that which is a facade, a cover, a veil for what is true will fall. If our life is not in order, if our shadows are hidden in the back of closets or under our rugs, be ready, for there will be a coming to truth and an unavoidable witnessing of our shadow creations.

Do not be afraid for it will ultimately be in service to you, if you have the courage to face it.

We are entering a time where PURITY of HEART is being called upon. Do we give up to fear, or do we advance with love and compassion, for others, and most importantly for ourselves.

If we are unable to love ourselves, we make it impossible to be loved by others, which we all so desperately want.

So change your view. If 2016 felt like a struggle, reflect on where the divine forces brought cleansing and purification in your life, even though it felt like our heart was being ripped open.

2016 was preparation for a 2017 where the Wizard of Oz is revealed. I am not in fear of 2017; I am actually excited about it. I don’t feel it will be a stroll in the park either. Growth is application. Consciousness is commitment. Love is trust. I am ready to stand in the face of the illusion, and watch it fall away, so I can finally return to my true self, and begin the love affair again, where I can emerge here, on this manifest plain, as the divine being playing out the mission I have come here for.

Thank you 2016 for the lessons. Thank you to those people who gave me the opportunity to learn, whether it is through pleasure or pain.

I do not fear the pain. I fear the upholding of the illusion. It’s time to be in truth, and in the light.

To 2017: I don’t know what you have planned, but I am committed to being part of the healthy transition of the paradigm, and I give all of myself to contribute to the raising of consciousness, healing, and stepping into life as our true selves. I am here to serve my awakening, and the awakening of any being that feels the call to walk the path with me.

The great divide is about to play itself out. I will work my hardest to be on the side of truth, awakening, transformation and service to the highest good, no matter what that looks like for my ego, i.e. my small self, for i know I am not here for that separate version of myself, that i am here for the big I…the I AM, all AND nothing. l AM, you, me, earth, lover, and shadow.

We are all one. I am ready to say goodbye to the illusion of separation and the acceptance that “I am another you and you are another me”.



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