A message to embodiment coaches and a call to uplevel and why it is crucial.

Written by on May 5, 2023

Although the path of desire and pleasure is important, it is not the highest value.

For someone who is disconnected from their bodies, yes embodiment and desire is of vital importance. But the truth is, sexual embodiment is the first rung on the ladder of love and spiritual ascension.

One cannot be on the path of enlightenment without living from the authentic self and owning their body, desires, and pleasure as their own. 

However, this is like learning to crawl. The goal is not to crawl your whole life, chasing pleasure, escapades, and slave to peak experiences. 

This is quite fine for individuals starting off and needing to fill their cup, so they have the energy and confidence to show up more fully in their lives and begin to marry other important values to the spiritual awakening process.

As much as you would have your seekers believe, desire and pleasure seeking is not the magic track. It is actually the track laiden with traps and pitfalls if one is not present and aware of the impact of their actions on themselves, their surroundings, families, beloveds, and anything that is important to you.

The path is a bit more complex. When we live with desire and pleasure as our primary life value as I see more and more coaches selling, the potential and brightness of life shrink, as these factors have the potential to atrophy your spiritual development without marrying them to higher spiritual goals.

It’s the same all spiritual lineages speak about. Each warns of the pitfalls of desire and chasing pleasure. There is a reason for that because desire without giving it up in the service of spirit and higher works above one’s own personal attainment is just maya, illusion of oneself as the most important, which some traditions call sin, which is actually just missing the mark.

And this trap is deep. It is why most coaches are not worth their salt because they present themselves as enlightened when really they are just trying to figure it out for themselves as they go along, which they mostly just came into rather recently.

Desire without discernment is a ticking time bomb. Moving in ways that focus on your next orgasm or peak experience is a surefire way of missing the nuances required for healthy relating.

Opening our sex as a spiritual practice is about using life force energy to charge the body and giving it up to spirit through prayer, intention, and in service to the higher good, and good works, not for momentary accumulated pleasures and activities. This is where we get lost and trapped, and I know so many of you are teaching the first rung without ever acknowledging the vast path of the why.

See at ISTA we do a very good job of liberating individuals from the jail cell of their self-judgment, shame, and guilt. People feel like they become free from the shackles of the burdens of life’s control systems. It is like a miracle. I celebrate that and all those who become free after an ISTA experience and initiation.

However, what I am learning through watching the field is that we can do better to properly equip graduates with the understanding that this is just the beginning. A great start, but without doubt, not the end destination, and I feel so many self-proclaimed embodiment coaches coming out of ISTA have this as their focus without giving greater context to the importance of evolving past chasing sex and good times.

It is so important to celebrate our sex and pleasure. To release shame, fear, and guilt around it and open to a healthier relationship to the carnal.


We are spiritual beings living a human experience. The human needs touch, comfort, love, pleasure, and sexual expression at the minimum to ensure procreation and personal fulfillment. However, the ultimate is to marry desire and pleasure to spiritual connection, which is connection to the transcendent, and that is much more difficult to attain without awareness, presence, and sublimating the ego’s immediate wants, as the ego is looking for self-preservation in the separation from spirit, while the soul marries the personality and feeds the individual’s vision and path.

Without connection to the life force, we become sluggish, dried bones, with no aliveness.

Without connection to spirit, we are nothing more than biologically programmed animals in constant heat, instinctively moved by our lack and scarcity and seeking love through sex, fed by our wounds and traumas.

Without connection to spirit and synergizing with our environments, we continue the exploitation of all around us because our blind spot is our justification to get our desire met by any means necessary, regardless of the impact.

And with that, we can see how humans have ravaged the earth. It is the exact same energy.

Desire without discernment and spiritual enlightenment can ravage the most beautiful of paradises.

So let’s as a community raise our teachings beyond the bottom rung on the path of love, and let’s lift our communities in a more global and common vision and purpose of serving spirit instead of our bank accounts with new-age, unanchored, hedonistic attachments rebranded as spiritual awakening.

And if you don’t get it or are just not there yet, maybe think twice about taking people’s money and giving them a piecemeal of something you are not ready to “embody” fully for yourself yet.

Men need this awareness as they mature and serve their sacred purpose with clarity. Women need this as a recognition of the true potential of their bodies, ecstatic states, and ability to literally conceive and birth miracles using their life force consciously and deliberately.

I am so recognizing the importance of this dance and the need for this to be spoken about in conjunction with sexual liberation, which is why I am committed to upgrading how I move with my beloveds and lovers and what and how I teach on this path.

If we really want a new earth, as we all go on about, it is time we graduate from the birthing process of the sexual revolution of the 70’s, the gluttonous consumption of the 80’s, the disenchantment of the 90’s, and personal expression and individuality as God of the 2000’s.

May we heal our wounds of separateness and be the change we want to see, and may we grow up spiritually and mature our sexuality so as to bring in a time of cosmic ecstacy for all.

Wishful thinking, maybe, but it needs to be said.

With love and devotion.


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