C V D Manifesto / Values of a Redwood

Written by on May 13, 2020

Brothers, Sisters. Many of you ask me, what to do right now? What is the action? Today I will share a message. May it inspire you.


I was sweetly challenged by a teacher of mine, and pointed to the war on nature, and I completely agree. This is something we absolutely need to address. You can count on me for that.

But it got me thinking (cause that is what you do when you feel challenged) about humans being a part of nature, and how to meet this challenge from that perspective. And so this is what I have for you today dear Tribe.


“Some Redwood species can grow to well over 300 feet tall. Yet their root systems only extent to about 6 to 12 feet below the ground. They manage to stay standing by extending their shallow root system to a diameter of 50 feet or more, and tangling the roots into other roots, grooves and crevasses that provide additional strength.”

They withstand the storm by leaning on each other. Their strength is derived from their roots. The essence of their integrity. The Integrity is in the forest, not the individual tree.


For us humans, our roots and tentacles for ultimate connection and support is in the heart. Rely on the strength of our hearts to keep us safe. Rely on the support of the heart roots interconnecting with each other to feel your security. It WILL withstand the storm.

It does not matter how big, what size, colour or traits the tree has, the integrity is in the value system.

I state clearly, with no uncertain terms, my values are Freedom, Sovereignty, Choice, Consent, and Integrity for ALL.
This is what I stand for.

There is more of course, but this is what I have chosen to lead with.

Don’t be mistaken. There are currently 2 narratives playing out in the public which we should be clear to articulate.

1) A health issue and 2) a civil liberties issue.

In regards to #1, I trust we will get through this like every other maladie we have ever faced. One way or another.

In regards to #2 I am all in. I truly feel that this is a pivot point in humanity. There is a major move to take control of humanity’s freedom, under the guise that someone needs to take care of us or save us. I reject this fully. Yes let’s work to the best possible treatment model, with the least privacy intervention, or risks associated to new vaccines.

The single most important point of this conversation is CHOICE, that each person has access to the same public and private services, that regardless of their decision. Anything short of that is an attack on civil liberty.

I will support any official power that demonstrates that as their direction, the direction that supports these values.

So on that note, my heart is open. Let’s be the roots. Extend your heart essence 6 feet wide and 50 feet in diameter.

No fear. No shame. We lean on each other. We support each other to stand tall and proud. We are nature force.

I will not leave a mentally diseased planet to your children. I will not leave your progeny to eternal indentured servitude. No. Not on my watch. I will be vibrating and shining through this all. ( i say your, cause i won’t bring kids into that world ).

My source is clear and pure. It is #WILDLOVE.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

In lak’ech ala’kin
I am another you.

Are you with me Brother/Sister?

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