A Call to the Brothers – If You’ve Got Balls

Written by on September 20, 2017

A post for the brothers.


If you’ve got balls and are called to purpose:
– You are ready to start diving deep in discovering exactly who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do. The world is counting on us.

A Call to Awareness:

If you’ve got balls. Yes, I am addressing people in male bodies.

For too long we have held the defacto position of dominance. We did not have to try, and yet the table was set for us. A sweeping privilege.

Unlike our ancestors, today we understand the importance of equality, and how ultimately it serves the wellness of our tribes, culture and life.

In my journeys with ISTA, I have met a lot of men. Throughout, I have only experienced men whose highest desire is to figure out how to love themselves enough, to do the only thing they are instinctually called to: Show up in love and devotion to the feminine. This is our true essence.

Men want to figure out exactly how to rise up to fulfill their sacred opportunity: love, protect and serve the feminine.

So where are you getting your teachings? You know, those things we learn from a mentor that help us show up in life? What do you mean you haven’t?

This is exactly the challenge we are facing. We are expected to show up like the “divine masculine” aka Knights in Shining Armour, yet, culturally and personally, we do nothing to teach and learn how to become an expert swordsman.

Yup. that’s the skinny. So now what?
– You have the awareness. Is there anything more you can do, for yourself, to become the man you are dying to be?

So what do you do? Where do you go?

If you are reading so far, I think you are feeling a resonance….

So do yourself a favor. Take your first step. Say yes to personal development, and jump.

I’m ready to share with you everything that I am, everything that we are. Join me and my tribe, anywhere in the world, for what I consider one of the most potent, life affirming programs that exists on the planet today.

ISTA – International School of Temple Arts

This is not about sex. This is about embodiment, the first phase of becoming a creator of your reality.

Us brothers in male bodies need to do more to show up for the collective. Become the Knight in Shining Armour, and get practicing.

I got your back.



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“If You’ve Got Balls”

In Lak’ech.


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