Courage and Dissonance

Written by on May 13, 2020

I woke up to 3 important messages from the field. What do you think?

1- From a participant of my trainings:
“…I am questioning the teachings that I’ve received from you and that’s causing some confusion and sadness… ”

2- From a brother on so many levels:
“…I have to take a break. The threats are getting very personal over here… It’s just mind blowing.”

3- From a leading International Sex Shaman that I have never spoken to before:
“I often see your posts, and just saw one about Trump. I just wanted to say, you’ve got some balls to post positive things about him on social media.

I’ve been researching all of this and more about Trump, about the media etc for numerous years, and I have concluded the same things that you have.

Just wanted to say much respect to you for putting yourself out there with this.”


That said. I have no desire to hurt you. However, like every powerful coach, their role is not to make you feel good, or to be easy on you. Their role is to push you to new places. To stretch you beyond your own limited belief of your capacity. They are there to support you to get you to the next level of excellence.

I get that you hate my position, and that society supports you in your disdain. Considering the field we are in, personal development, spirituality, and soul purpose realization, I am offering you an opportunity to expand your capacity to love.

Yes, can you love someone, who’s heart you have felt and has touched you, even when their beliefs, behaviors, and communications create confusion or dissonance for you.

Are you willing to sit with that discomfort, and honor each individual’s right to choice and free thought? Or will you let your own personal beliefs, judgement, fears and disdain create separation. My voice is not the source of separation. The interpretation, projection and rejection of respecting my free will, IS the separation.

What I have learned in the realm of relationship is, any time i try to change a beloved, I lose. Every time, I want them to be more like the way I see things, I lose. If I walk away from them because I have not done my integration work, I lose.

When I allow them to be in their full expression, and not try to fix them, and love them through whatever challenge. I win. When I learn to love them regardless of our differences, I win. This is not an easy path. But it is the path of love!

If they or I cross a personal boundary that inflicts any kind of malice, it is at that time it is best to take care of oneself and take time away. I have also learned that when you allow people to walk away from you without a battle, and you remind them that your door is always open, and there is love here for them, they eventually find their way back to you, if they are willing to do their work, while on sabbatical.


Tribe, please understand this is an exercise in expanding our capacity to love. If you can’t love me or need to reject me for my expression, come back to the heart and love me for the part you have felt and experienced. That is the real deal. The rest is all noise in a holographic reality, meant for us to be operating on a reconnaissance mission from source, to experience itself and come back to self-consciousness and awareness.

We are all part of a grand play. I have just decided to step into the archetype of antagonist, in order to spark greater expansion for a collective stuck in absolutes, ideology and dogma. That makes my skin crawl. Hence my role.

I leave you with this. Not for me, but for every person you meet that you disagree with for any reason: “Let he who is without sin, (or wild opinions 😉 ) cast the first stone.” I am here as a mirror for our dis-ease. It is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

With light and love of course.


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