Fields of Possibility

Written by on July 9, 2017

Only when we consistently, consciously and deliberately choose love over fear, will we finally be able to meet in an empty field, under the stars, to imagine and create a future together.

Only when we honnestly self reflect and come from the centered whole place of personal responsibility and trust, can we find the path back to our heart.

Unfortunately most of us have no idea what moving from love or coming back to love looks like, let alone feels like.

Our pain bodies are on overdrive. Anger and rage are being played up in the collective by our masters, scheming stories of seperation, while offering us few acceptable but superficial forms of emotional release such as sporting events, demonstrations or politics, while the rest of our rage is asked to simmer and be stuffed and ignored.

Meanwhile, we walk through their plan of divide and conquer like choiceless cattle being led to slaughter.

The fear reaction is intense. Face ego death or experience torturous pain.

We have choice family. We can move dense emotional energy in a healthier way and become more emotionally current. We can open our hearts to union and love. And we can experience life from a different perspective of reality.

All we have to do is choose it. And then like anything worthwhile, actually invest your life force energy in personal expansion.

We can fight to be right, or we can surrender our hearts to love and be happy.

Meet me in the field!
I will be waiting.



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