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Written by on April 23, 2014

Let Light In
It is always so fulfilling to receive such powerful testimonials.

From the Flow in Love Workshop in Tel-Aviv, Israel

(Translated from Hebrew)


I felt the need to share with you that since our meeting at the Friday night Puja, I feel my heart beating even in the moments of rest. This evening for me was a very powerful experience of awakening to love and self compassion. From intimate meetings, compassion and amazement of others (I think i wouldn’t be exaggerating if I were to say that i am experiencing my individual soul in exciting meeting with the cosmic soul).

And suddenly I receive clearness in regards to essential things in my life. Thank you !!! You are doing Holy work. It is a shame we could not participate on Saturday but at least a door has been opened and i wish that I can continue down this path.

Have a happy holiday, a holiday of freedom from everything that separates us from ourselves and each other.

Anonymous – by request


Being introduced to Tantra and meeting Frank and Avishag through the Flow in Love workshop was one of my most important recent learning experiences. Frank is curious, passionate and full of vitality while Avishag is so sensitive and kind.

In only one evening and one day, they helped everybody in the group open our hearts, let love flow and discover our clear boundaries in our sexuality. They also helped us be clear about our emotions and shadows in our sexual selves.

I went in this experience with specific intentions and received everything i was hoping for:
I opened my blocked second chakra, which is the most important for sexual energy, and to accept a part of myself that I have been uncomfortable with for many years, my desire. No more shame to ask, no more shame to ask for more. Not afraid to say “no” or to express my disappointment instead of just being angry by myself.

So I became really more complete and “in love” with myself. The improvement in my ability to love, also helped me to be able to give more love, and receive more love as I now understand that everything is a reflection of my inner-self.

I met Frank again after the workshop for a private session, where I could go deeper on this path. He is a good listener and supporter, and i appreciate his compassion and his ability of building connections with people.

I have became more complete and powerful because of this experience.
Thank you.


It will be hard to sum up in a few words how meaningful the “Flow in Love” workshop has been for me. Actually, I’m not even sure I know myself. It feels as if it needs few more weeks to immerse. It’s an ongoing process.

What I know for sure is that it made me see that my deepest will is to be seen and loved. True, I knew it before, but I haven’t felt it so vividly. After only two days I knew I want to be more present in life, and not compromise on life as a viewer, and I knew what I need to do in order to achieve it.

Frank and Avishag created a safe and loving environment, in which I could let myself be, truly be. This workshop wasn’t about fun (though it sure was fun!) it was about love and the ability and the will to let people see me, to let myself love my fears, to be able to create boundaries and see what makes me feel good and what isn’t, and to allow 
myself to express it freely.

I am grateful for this process I’m still experiencing and thrilled to be able to feel again and come with an open heart.



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