Frank Conversations 20: Rod Bearcloud Berry

Written by on December 12, 2015

Frank Mondeose talks to prominent Spiritual/Sexual Paradigm Shifters about their life, love and more.

This week, The Spiritual Playboy talks to Rod Bearcloud Berry, about his artwork, and some interesting theories and discoveries…

Featured in this video:

Rod Bearcloud Berry

Bearcloud began his journey on this Earthmother spending a great deal of time outdoors, connecting with the elements of nature. At the age of five, he began drawing and by twelve he was painting. When he was thirteen he knew at that time that this was going to be his life’s journey. Some of his earlier works are very similar to what he paints today. However, he struck out on a quest in search of what he would be painting. He dabbled in modern art, realism, abstract, fantasy and graphic arts as the years passed. Around 1980, he went through a Bearcloudseries of ceremonies that would last four years, a fifty-two moon cycle. The ceremonies were difficult and challenging and pushed his limits. When he was complete, he began painting again after about a year delay. His paintings were to go to new levels. He began painting the spiritual visions that he had become so accustomed to. Each of his paintings carried a spiritual essence that many onlookers seemed to recognize.
Because of the tremendous request for his works, he began to publish them. He began a spiritual journey with each of his paintings and with each step a new path of spirit would emerge. With a captivated audience, many began collecting his works. He explains that with every breath he would put spirit into his work and every color would evoke a piece of this journey. He was glad there were those who had the abilities to feel them.

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