Frank Conversations 38: Dr. Stacy Ellis: Liberation – Healing Early Childhood

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Frank Mondeose talks to prominent Spiritual/Sexual Paradigm Shifters about their life, love and more.

Frank Mondeose (The Spiritual Playboy) talks to Dr. Stacy Ellis about her unique workshop, Liberation – Healing Early Childhood

About Dr. Stacy Ellis:
I am a generalist with specialized training specific to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, couples/ alternative relationships (monogamy, sex positive, swingers, kink, BDSM), LGBTQIA population, process groups, and pain management. I have specialties in Addiction Medicine and Pain Management. I have a strong knowledge base in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Yolum Group Process, Motivational Interviewing, Seeking Safety, and Psychodynamic Therapy. I am available to work with adults, couples, alternative relationship dynamics, and adolescents 14 and older. I do speaking and training engagements upon request.

February 21st-24th – Portland, OR
March 29th – April 1st – Manhattan, NY


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