Frank Conversations 40: Sprout Love

Written by on March 12, 2019


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Frank Mondeose talks to prominent Spiritual/Sexual Paradigm Shifters about their life, love and more.

Frank Mondeose (The Spiritual Playboy) talks to Sprout Love about intimacy, connection and unconventional relationship approaches.

About Sprout Love:
Sprout has been consciously learning about relationship dynamics and the human psychology around this for over 8 years. The exploration included learning about the depth of intimacy as well as exploring the pure animal reflection of sexual energy. Having a passion for sharing and growing what’s emerging is a matured refining of what might be considered a ‘healthy’ version of masculine energy.

Trained as a Shadow Work Facilitator, doing work with Spiritual Shamanic Sexuality as well as mentoring under the beautiful Laurie Handlers of

Consciously exploring the dynamics of BDSM as well as Tantra has led to a union of energetic polarities that can both be scary yet intriguing. In the end, Sprout is simply a union of his own self love, his inner feminine and inner masculine, united to become love and learning tools to express and be and share intimacy.

Beyond the story of what got him here is simply an expression that came from his heart, whether it’s his projects around intimacy, temple arts, sacred sexuality, sustainable energy or community development, what’s coming from him is only about helping people re-connect with the parts of self that really help us feel whole, beyond the material world.

Sprout is also working on a project as well as looking to get back into sustainable community development in which he’s been involved in before.

“To become more of a male, a man must not deny his inner feminine”


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