Frank Conversations 47: Wendeya Lalla Rose – From Mormon to Tantric Shaman

Written by on March 12, 2021


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Frank Mondeose talks to prominent Spiritual/Sexual Paradigm Shifters about their life, love and more.

In this episode Wendeya Lalla Rose shares her incredible story about starting her spiritual path as a devout Mormon and her journey to Tantric Shamanism. She now devotes her life to helping people discover their inner divinity.

She also shares about her upcoming program “Tantric Practices” designed to help everyday people find new ways of making love for a more enriching life.



Wendeya Lalla Rose
Known for expressing wild freedom and liberation for ecstatic expression. Her retreats create initiation experiences that guide your consciousness to embodied remembrance of its natural heavenly state. She lives life through the magnetic flow of love, which brought her down the path of Dakini, Kundalini Yoga, and over a decade of practicing energy medicine arts, using Theta.

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