From Women to Men

Written by on August 14, 2018

Message received. Thank you sisters. I can stand a bit more up right today. To be seen in all my imperfection and ugly, yet to hear your words of co-creation, responsibility and atonement.

It certainly “begins today”… {deep bow}

I have hurt women. I have reacted from my most frightened boy, or controlling coward. I am sorry. I am not proud. I live to atone for past mistakes made in complete ignorance, fear and hurt. Every day I gain more consciousness and get another chance to practice my progress. I surf with my ego. I stalk my shadow.

I commit to the feminine, to serving the most harmonious re-union ever, from my most devoted, imperfect yet relentless self.

Sister, I am open to your feedback, your words, your committed love, and I listen and integrate, all that serves love and supports expansion.

I commit.

#Icommit #FromWomenToMen #frommetoyou


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