I Can Not Belong To You

Written by on November 7, 2018

I can not belong to you.
I can not belong to anyone.
I barely belong to myself, for I can only be described as an extension of that which can never be explained.

To attempt to possess me, is akin to clinging to the seas, mountains, or sky. These gifts from God can only be enjoyed, but never possessed. Any attempt to dominate these natural wonders can only be described as narcissistic insanity and at continual war with natural order.

I could not imagine a life void of this beauty and majesty. A life void of the joy and plentitude of sharing in the infinate love of nature.

I can not belong to you.
I can not belong to anyone.
I barely belong to myself.

I can however, be loved, cherished, shared and celebrated as part of the whole. If only you could choose to release the shackles of lecherous desire to possess, own or control that which by nature, is sovereign.

Love is infinate and can only be shared. Never possessed. Possession is a delusion. It is a concept that feeds endless centuries of war and seperation.

I no longer subscribe to outdated concepts ruled by personality, for my soul knows only the vastness and emptiness of the void.

I love you as I love the air that fills our lungs, the land we walk upon, the water that hydrates our bodies and the fire that rages in our hearts.

I can not belong to you. I can only share my life with you.

That is my gift. This is my love.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


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