I don’t feel safe.

Written by on September 4, 2019

This is a philosophical musing on SAFETY.

“I don’t feel safe.”
Of course not, safety doesn’t exist. It is an Illusion.

Safety, may exist momentarily. Your mind reading the environment, and letting you know there is no threat. But threat always exists, perpetually at different levels. Chaos dictates that anything can happen at any moment, and just this should create a sense of not feeling safe.

True safety, does not exist.
Safety is a self created sense of being.

Only Fear and Love exist.

Fear perceives threat. Fear signals ego. Ego seeks survival = momentary “safety”.
Love understands it all.

There is no safety code in fear. There is only a lack of safety code.

The state of calm and ease that safety creates, can not be found in fear. Therefore safety can only exist in love.

Love knows that life is no different from death. 2 states of being. So love does not fear death, hence it has nothing to be safe from.

It can only rest in the silence and calm of the storm.

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