Love for those still in Separation

Written by on March 19, 2019

As a born Christian Cis White Male (probably the worst recipe these days) I am sending love to the souls out there who still see the world as “us” and “them”. There are so many ways this consciousness of humanity currently playing out, seeks to belong to an identity, through grouping and seeing themselves and their group as different from the other, and in the worst cases, superior to others. I believe that this is a very very sad perspective, and people that identify as such, who speak fear, seperation and even go as far as to hate others they don’t know personally, are ultimately sad, depressed, suffering people (liberals included).

I see you, and I declare that I love you. I am sorry for the things that have happened in your life, that lead you to believe that seperation is the best path toward your self worth and self love. I get it, the world is a shitty place. I feel seperate often as well. What gives me inspiration and aliveness, is the knowingness that ultimately we are all reflections of eachother, as cliché as it sounds, we are ONE. ONE with this planet, ONE w eachother.

How can we not be? What YOU do affects ME and vice versa. Why work against, when we can work FOR eachother? This requires accessing authentic love and its result, generosity. I choose love. There IS no seperation. So I commit to loving you, your color, your race, your religion, your gender, your orientation, your identity, your differenceness. (Yes differenceNESS). It makes no difference to me.

I also commit to calling you out on your bullshit seperation when it is grossly spilling over and affecting others’ freedom. That is my dark love, and is the condition for our relating. And I expect you to do the same for me, when I am acting in ignorance.

If you are a public servant, in a position of power and you speak hate and seperation, you should be released from service immediately. You have not understood fundamental natural laws, rights, love and freedoms, to govern another. If you are a person of influence and support seperation, you should feel shame for not living up to your potential of love and influence. You too have lost the ability to govern your own being, let alone influence another free, loving being.

I see your humanity, and I call you to higher consciousness and love now! The new power is vulnerability. Drop your weapons and your armor, and sense what true love and freedom feels like.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, and the time for transformation is now.

I stand with and for you.


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