Love & Light Snake Oil

Written by on May 11, 2020

I’m losing “friends” because I am not promoting Love and Light and being a unifier.

Well that is actually what I am offering. Another view that can bridge the gap between mind control, and critical thinking. Regardless of the right or wrong, you win if you stretch your mind. You lose if you stay entrenched.

Allow yourself to be moved by inspiration, not stale in rhetoric. It’s gross.

Let me tell you something about love and light. When the bell is ringing, you better be waking up and coming to the arena, because this is no longer a FN drill. This is not practice. This is the game, and right now, if we get our shit together, we influence how this plays out. If you bypass because you are scared to offend someone, you will allow the progressive technocratic ideologue tyrants numb you into lethargy and servitude.

This is the hour we have been prophesized. This is the hour your teachers have been teaching you about. This is the hour where humanity wakes up and stands for freedom, sovereignty, choice, and consent, not for one over another, but for all NOW!

Don’t be selling me your love and light snake oil, while you let the controllers use you as pawns for separation. Standing and lending your voice to the choir, is exactly what love and light looks like right now. Love isn’t easy! Fear is a walk in the park.


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