The Sterilization of Masculinity and its Effect on Societal Safety.

Written by on February 16, 2023

*trigger warning for all the whiney ass bitch men*

You know what I am over with, men that need the same sensitivity a woman needs to feel comfortable and “safe” in any non threatening life situation.

Like seriously, where is the courage? Where is the testicular fortitude to face danger, difficult situations, intensity, loud voices and bad words? This is why we have testosterone!

Like where have all the men gone? We have a culture that is turning into a bunch of little bitches too afraid of their own shadows to have any impact in this world.

Even me just saying this makes me violent, aggressive and obviously abusive, and them? Wounded little victims? DO ME A FAVOR….hang on, I ain’t finished.

This culture is filled w sterilized men who need non violent communication, mediators, and their mothers to hold their hands so they can feel safe enough to get up in the morning to go do their dead end jobs.

News flash, everyone is fucking traumatized. Your trauma doesn’t make you special. It is not currency, so stop using it that way. The point of a sick culture is to traumatize people into subservience.

But true warriors, true change makers, they do their work to heal their trauma, or at the worst case, even stuff it so they can show up for life and make it mean something more than out pussying the next guy so they can get pity and love by other beta males or women who feel bad for them, or encourage their weakness.

This is why our culture has gone to shit, because men want to be women, women want to be men, and in the meantime there is no one left w any backbone or conviction to stand up for what needs standing for because everyone is too afraid to offend someone else, and there are way too many men “feeling” offended.

Well FUCK THAT! Enough w this new age bypass shit, that marginalizes the masses.

Then you have men that latch on to other powerful men that are actually being leaders in the world, so they can get a taste of their power, wealth, success and prowess, only to go cry to their girlfriends or anyone that will listen when they realize what it takes to succeed. They hang out grasping at the crumbs, hoping for a break, and then when they actually get it, and make something of themselves, they turn around and cry foul towards the men that helped them and taught them how to show up and make something with themselves, because they were being “mean” to them along the way, never once taking responsibility for their own shit. Cowards. That is what our current culture generates.

Seriously, you guys have got to get a grip of yourself, because it is one thing to fail yourselves, but it’s another thing to fail your families, and communities.

Wake up and stop being little bitches and actually get your ass in the arena and dare to get hurt, slayed and die for what matters!

Trust me, it will make waking up every morning feel that much more fulfilling and alive, cause contrary to the hype of this bitch generation, you will feel a whole lot more useful, authentic, sovereign and worthy!

This new age idealogy is a poison, slowly degrading our culture, designed to enslave us all.

So men, show up, find yourself in difficult situations w difficult people, and sit in the fire until your cowardess burns away or you rise again like the phoenix and give our generation a chance, before we all end up as nothing more than intelligent livestock being rounded up for slaughter.

Don’t agree? Don’t take my word for it. Just look around.

Ps: don’t forget to get your booster shots.


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