Medicine for the People

Written by on June 10, 2015

Today we gather a truck load of people and head south to Burlington, Vermont, where we will join a tribe of voices, singing in unison for the coming of a new time.

I am so psyched to finally experience Nahko & Medicine for the People live in concert.

in 2012 I fell upon a song which sang prophetic words and highly contributed to my journey back to my heart and beyond. Nahko is a channel and a new voice for a generation, helping us remember the wisdom of our ancestors and why we are here in this time and place.

His songs have propelled me in action, given me momentum, which I share with those around me. This is the secret, connecting to soul family that inspire you to go beyond oneself and unite with the spirit of our time.

Here is a taste of his lyrical prophetic mastery, and why I am so psyched to be joining my tribe as we take this pilgrimage to Vermont.


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