On Love

Written by on November 3, 2018

I will not pander to immature or false belief systems to make you feel good about yourself.

I am sovereign, loving and passionate.

My dedication to you as a being, is to your expansion. Which means, when we disagree, if you value me in your life, you might just have to hear some things your personality rather not. It’s a mirror for awakening. We all need it. It’s the gift of being a beloved.

It is up to you, how you choose to receive the information, integrate it, release it or ignore it.

Regardless, my love for you doesn’t change. I am infinate and eternal, so eventually you will come to understand that you are far greater than any fear or story you wish to hold on to or tell yourself.

My love will outlast your fear, always.


Love is easy. Personality is complicated.

When we recognize how personality is constantly hijacking love because of all the good reasons of the personality, only then can we begin to face our shadows.

Only then can we drill down into our insecurities, belief systems, and childhood attachment styles which we repeat in adulthood (arrested development).

If we are committed to the story, seperation will always ensue. If we are committed to love, truth emerges and all defense mechanisms can fall away, because ultimately we are love and there is nothing to protect against because being in our most natural state is real fucking easy.

Love doesn’t carry stories. It is unifying in every way because it is complete in its essence. Nothing it needs outside of itself, and nothing to protect against.

Love is easy. Personality is complicated.


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