Personal Lessons on Love

Written by on October 13, 2023

Some of my personal lessons from my week at ISTA after a 3 month sabbatical due to burnout.

Love is a muscle and a practice.

By leaning into love each time I had a contraction, reaction and desire to go into separation, I put down my personal inclination and I surrendered to love.

What I harvested, is a greater capacity to love or find the path of love in each moment of contraction.

I chose it so many times in a short period, that I recognized, surrendering the ego for the higher good, and for it to pour out from an authentic place is how I am learning to cultivate it, and access it more easily, more quickly and with less effort.

Another harvest. My true self, in my personality, is not always the prettiest. It is an accumulation of survival mechanisms. I can only love to the capacity of my resource. When I am out or low on resource, I need to express it and ask for help. This is a practice of vulnerability, trust and surrender.

Bottom line. Trust the process. Have compassion for my humanity. Choose love in the face of hurt or fear.

It sometimes feels yucky to my personality, but my soul smiles each and every time. It encourages me to continue; and the flow of love in my system, with myself, feels like Paradise.

Challenges are opportunities for growth and intimacy!


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