Personal Responsibility as Power

Written by on August 8, 2017

Life is a constant co-creation, the vibrational attraction of polarities, good, bad and ugly.
It’s quite easy to rest in the place of victim and playing into the idea that life is happening TO us, but true sovereignty, power, love and freedom is completely responsible for the vibrational push and pull that is constantly appearing in one’s life.
When we are dedicated to doing our personal work and being ruthlessly honest with ourselves, we can track the thread all the way back to how we influence and affect our own co-created reality.
If we start by looking inward, outside just becomes a series of falling domino that originated in soul contract or resistance to personal growth, responsibility and/or empowerment, because sometimes it’s just too difficult to be real w our lazy avoidant selves.
Yes life can be downright “unfair” but how we influence it and show up for it when awareness and consciousness surfaces, really is the source of our true power through responsibility and claiming personal sovereignty on a planet where no one really gives a fuck outside of themselves. It’s the climate and result of western individualism we co-created and cling to.
The rest is all pandering from a nanny state.


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