Resurrect Sacred Sexuality

Written by on December 6, 2014

So often when we think of SEX & SEXUALITY, we think of procreation, orgasm, ejaculation or a consumerist conditioned approach to lust linked to sales, pornography, and the exploitation of the feminine body, or even more, a tool of manipulation for an insatiable need for attention, pleasure and love. I have been involved in all of it, both personally and professionally.

Over the last 3 years, I decided to dive deeper in an unknown, esoteric path of sexuality, and I discovered a world filled with miracles, ecstasy (not the drug), love and most importantly, a source of healing and, transformation.

Our sexual potential is so abundant, unfortunately we have been trained to come from a place of scarcity, lack (not to mention shame, fear and guilt) and therefore a need to be a consumer or voyeur of sex, deviating from our natural birth right of embodied bliss.

What I have learned over this time, is the basis of what I have begun to teach, but I must admit, I have only started to scratch the surface of this potential, and after the things I have experienced and witnessed in this short time, I can earnestly say that i am COMMITTED to spreading the word and sharing these experiences with all who will listen and are daring enough to take a step towards the full embodiment of Love.

Just like I did 10 years ago, when I set my mind to bringing in a new era of Opulent Sexy Entertainment and pioneered the Monde Osé Movement, which so many people have been touched and inspired by, I announce publicly tonight, from the Cradle of Civilization in the Middle East, that I will once again be part of a New Paradigm Movement, this time to RESURRECT a lost ancient art of SACRED SEXUALITY.

I am in awe of the momentum this movement has taken in Israel, where it just recently became the leading centre for this work. The strides this community has taken is bewildering and inspiring! It is for this reason, and because I have personally witnessed and experienced the power of this New Sex Script, that I have decided to dedicate my time, resources and experience to bringing this movement to MONTREAL, CANADA, starting with the 14th Annual North American ISTA Conference on Sexuality and Consciousness (May 22-24, 2015), followed by one of the most powerful, transformative and healing workshops I have experienced to date, The Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience – Level 1 (May 25-31, 2015).

It’s time to pull back the veil of sexual conditioning and usher in the “Sexual Renaissance” here in Montreal, as it has started to happen all over the world. Awakening is upon us and I hope you will join me in pioneering this Global Movement!

#TheLovingAreTheDaring #LetLoveFree #ISTA #Montreal #Canada
#SexualRenaissance #May22to31


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