Sacred and Sensuous – Info and Offer

Written by on April 22, 2014

If you want a dose of what I have been experiencing in my last 3 yr transformation, I strongly suggest attending this 8 day retreat this summer with 2 Masters of Tantra ( Crystal Dawn Morris and Jim Miller)
and myself as your dedicated host and guide!

Put it in your calendar and make an intention to attend! If you have any questions, ask me or Crystal. We will be happy to support you on the journey towards Personal and Erotic Freedom.

AND, as an added initiative to support your decision towards empowerment and awakening, i am personally offering you a free ticket to Monde Osé’s Bal Erotique 9 (65$ value) if you RSVP before May!

Internationally speaking, this is one of the most powerful programs, at the most affordable prices out there. Do the research. This is all inclusive!!!


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