Seeding the Sexual Renaissance

Written by on March 20, 2018


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Welcome to The Spiritual Playboy Vlogs, following our guide Frank Mondeose in his worldwide adventures in spirituality and ecstacy!

Frank Mondeose shares his recent online talk ‘Seeding the Sexual Renaissance ‘ – for the Cosmic Lovers Festival in Israel.

The Sexual Renaissance is the 21st Century’s follow up to the Sexual Revolution, and a call to Spiritual-Sexual Awakening. We are living in powerful times, where self actualization and manifesting an ecstatic life is within range of possibility.

In this 90 min talk, Frank Mondeose presents the pillars of the emerging Sexual Renaissance and address the life changing benefits of creative life force mastery, understanding sexual polarity and redefining Love in a culture of commodification and exploitation.

Be part of the movement, as we take the first steps towards co-creating a new sex script and the resulting implications on humanity as we claim personal “Sovereignty” through conscious choice, living from a deeper integration of wholeness, unconditional love and vibratory bliss.

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