Frank specializes in supporting people in the following areas:
– Helping singles and couples live more ecstatic lifestyles.
– Understanding life changing Tantric philosophies.
– Bridging the gap between traditional relationships and modern sexuality.
– Understanding the spiritual elements of sexuality.
– Sexual empowerment.

If you would like to schedule a Personal Consulting Session with Frank Mondeose, please send a session request

Sessions are usually set up on an hourly basis.

Regular Session Rates:

Portal to Ascension Promotional Offer:
1 Session   =   $75
3 Sessions = $200
5 Sessions = $300


Frank has been thinking outside of the box in regards to love, sex and relationships for over 10 years having intuitively felt the great changes our generation would be part of.

Through his interests and experience, he obtained a firm grasp of what it takes to engage successfully in the world of alternative relationships. His focus has since shifted to the broader study of the Sociology of Sex and Relationships.

Society is changing at such a rapid pace that there is a need to question one’s conditioned beliefs about sex and relationships and how we are interpreting today’s socio-sexual cues found in all facets of commercial life. Both these aspects effect our ability to relate with others and ourselves in dating and relationships and can lead to unconscious self inflicted emotional hardships.

Frank has found that the ancient practices of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality offer solid insight in discovering one’s true essence and makeup. Tantra is a life philosophy created to “weave” the current realities of one’s life and help them “expand” beyond the limitations of the ego in order to live more ecstatic and blissful lifestyles. This is done by eliminating energetic leaks in one’s own life and connecting with personal life force energy, also known as sexual energy.

Through working with Frank, you will find yourself becoming aware of the conditioned programming we subdue ourselves to. He can help you find and create connections with your true self in order to make empowered life decisions from a more conscious point of view.


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