Sexual Shamanism Essentials – Coming to Montreal May & June

Written by on May 8, 2017

Hello Montreal Tribe. I am back from 5 intense weeks of travel, trainings and core gatherings. So much has happened. Our life is accelerating!

Acceleration can have a few expressions, sometimes feeling like something is missing, a longing, inability to focus or concentrate, or pure chaos.

My life has been filled with many ups and downs, beautiful and awful, and through it all, I am returning to the vision of life I have for myself and i am manifesting it.

I have always been good at making things, but what completely changed the way and the effectiveness of my ability to manifest has been getting a better understanding of the Temple Arts.

Part of my “way of being” in the world, is scouting new ideas, experiences and visions. I often experiment in many realms, but when I find something that is grounded in results and life changing habits, I dive deep, and I work hard to bring a powerful version to my community, friends, and allies.

If you are seeing and reading this, and are intrigued or it touches some part of you, then be a scout for your life, and come experience and learn about the most cutting edge topic in the world right now, Sexual Shamanism. The idea that your life force energy (sexuality) is the key to an embodied and loving life.

May 19-20 I am offering an Introduction to Sexual Shamanism as a taster for the upcoming Training – ISTA Montreal Area: Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience


Crystal Dawn and Laurie, are 2 leading International Sex Shamans, and it is a privilege to be able to share quality space with them for a week during the ISTA training. The gifts of our threesome are invaluable and changes lives for the better almost always! (that’s a disclaimer).

So if you want a bit of what we are serving 😉 then join me for the intro workshop, or our powerful 3some, for a week you will never forget, returning to the wisdom your body spoke to you that week.

The time is now.

With love, light and power,

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