Sovereignty, Synergy and the Sacred

Written by on September 8, 2022

The teachings of sovereignty are useless if we don’t recognize the responsibility that comes with free will and choice.

Secondly, there is no sacred relationship between 2 or more people, if you don’t employ the principles of synergy.

Synergy supports togetherness and prioritizes connection over personal will.

It is all choice. But with choice comes responsibility.

What I hear through the grapevines is that it is sovereignty above all else and lack of showing up when there is a mess to clean up.

This is a distortion of our teachings.

Sovereignty is primarily used to keep yourself safe. To care for your no, your body and your space, and to give yourself permission in moments of difficult decisions that might not feel so good.

Those baby dragons out in the world swinging their sovereignty sword, while leaving a mess in the wake, is an immature use of power.

There is no tribe without synergy and prioritizing the sacred.

Its the same as the difference between a shaman and a sorcerer.

A shaman uses his power in service to the collective. The sorcerer might be more interested in personal gain.

Something to chew on.

With love.

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