A Summary of My Journey in France and Israel

Written by on April 23, 2014


In the words of Osho:


My way is the way of the drunkard. I would like you all to be drunk with the divine. Less than that won’t do.

The mind is calculative, hence it remains superficial. And because it calculates too much it always hesitates; only when the time has gone does it come to a conclusion – but then it is pointless. When the right moment is there the mind goes on thinking and hesitating. The mind is basically an extension of fear. That is not the way to know God. God cannot be known through calculation, through cleverness; God cannot be known by this hesitating mind. It is good in the marketplace but not good in the temple; one has to leave it outside the temple. And to leave the mind outside is to be drunk.

Then you function through the heart. Then your heart starts creating a wine of its own and your whole being becomes permeated with it. You start living in a totally different dimension: the dimension of love, the dimension of poetry, the dimension of dance, the dimension of music.

Then you are getting away from the marketplace. The way to get away from the marketplace is not to escape to the Himalayas or to a monastery. The real escape is to drop the mind and to exist as the heart. To exist as the heart is what I mean by being a drunkard . . . to exist as a lover.

Then prayer is easy, then worship is easy, then trust is easy. It becomes so easy that one never asks how. If a person asks how to trust, how to love, he is simply showing that he exists in the head – the head always asks “how”. The heart never asks how.


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