The Cult of Self

Written by on January 20, 2017

We must not avoid or deny how we are becoming spiritually bankrupt and morally inept as a society.
We want to look at world leaders as models, but truthfully the model is inspired by the heart.
You and you alone are responsible for how you show up in the world.
Words, actions and reactions. We can not build a better world when our focus is solely momentary individual desire.
If we can not look to be in service to a greater idea, a partner, a family or a community, then one is only living purely for the glory and pleasure of themselves.
This cannot change the world. This cannot bring people into union. It can only create seperation and focus on our differences rather than a collective goal of higher love.
We have venerated the individual. The glorification of the ego and personal beliefs over collective truths. We have spoken of the individual’s rights and freedoms and we have let the wellbeing of the collective fall away as we have only taken care of our own petty individual needs and mostly desires.
We all have the right and freedom to be who we want to be, but until we learn to come together for something bigger than ourself, we are merely playing into the hands of selfishness and greed which is ultimately the degrading factor of collective wellness.
You are not your desires. You are really only the sum of your actions or lack there of. And even then, today is a new day and a chance to stand for unity consciousness.
We all have a role to play in creating a better world. Maybe we just need to start thinking and acting beyond the tip of our noses.


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