“The Death Cult” for Dummies

Written by on October 12, 2023

Problem, reaction, solution.

Slaughter Israeli’s in the worst most barbaric possible way. Display to the world in the palm of every person’s hands 24/7.

Palestinians are now “justifiably” slaughtered in return in an exponentially horrific and genocidal way. They are not Hamas militants. They are human beings, who also don’t want war, death and destruction, but are manipulated by their controllers.

Use all these barbaric images and genocidal rhetoric to create radical division between Islam and Judaism, east vs west, antisemitism vs Islamophobia, spilled over in every country through illegal immigration and open borders.

Chaos in the west from within. Weakening infrastructure, resources and the status quo.

Controlled by who? The deep satanic cult waging a very patient and intergenerational satanic war to enslave , control and exploit the population.

Why? To bring forth the new upgraded, more effective control system.

The dystopian artificial future of smart cities, ai, digital identity, bio tech, and social credit scores to ensure it “never happens again”.

It’s an extermination en masse and a culling that is coming, and it will be in our own backyards, make no mistake.

This is why the traitor Biden opened the southern border and we were treated to the psy-op of racism, and irresponsible woke liberal ideology that opened the door to hundreds of thousands of anonymous fighting aged illegals, from around the world, w no screening or tracking.

And this is also why the traitor Trudeau, also trained and invited Chinese police stations in Canada.

And finally, this is why the traitor, and illegitimate Prime Minister, Netanyahu opened the doors to Israel, for Hamas to attack so easily, in broad daylight, for all to film, against the most trained sophisticated and intelligent defense force in the world.

Are the lights going on yet?

This coming WW3 has been the plan for an estimated 150 yrs if not more, w multiple power players all moving the pieces on the global chess board, and make no mistake it accelerated recently in Ukraine, and c-v-d before that.

This is why we must not feed the division.

We are all the same people. It is a small few demented, psychotic and demonic groups that feed the division on both sides for their own ends.

We are the pawns, peasants and plebs, believing in moral superiority over each other, playing right into the hands of mad men.

I have consistently painted the picture daily, for years, pointing everywhere they laid bait for our consciousness and our emotional bodies.

Emotional energy is fuel, like oil, uranium, hydro and solar power.

Please wake up.

Love your neighbor. These are the end days, the revealing and judgement days. This is not a drill.

I pray for awakening and divine revelation at an exponential rate.



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