The Duty of Masculinity

Written by on August 21, 2023

Men have lost their spines.
A society of weak men, is a failing society.

Men: No one is here to see you, validate or acknowledge you. The sooner you get that, the quicker you will evolve.

What we do, as men, we do as duty, to hold the boundaries, for love to emerge. We don’t do it to be praised. We do it because instinctually we understand the importance the gift our service is to family, community, and networks. And that is the WHY. And that has always been enough. Because we are men.

Sure, it is nice to be acknowledged and appreciated. However, that is not the objective, but the return on our love, only received when given freely, with integrity and without expectation.

In contrast, Men today have lost track and sight of our masculinity in our quest to be more sensitive, empathetic and compassionate. All important and needed in an emerging, more loving culture.

But to date, we have accepted the above qualities as a replacement for our “traditional” masculinity, which has been labeled aggressive, toxic or undesirable, by a social agenda to sterilize and feminize men to make them more compliant towards authoritarianism, meanwhile the masses are psychologically manipulated into gender ideology, for an overly self identified generation.

So we have weak men, groveling for attention, acknowledgement and validation.

“Look at me please, am I doing it right? I’m a good ally and a good boy, I mean person. See me in that please. Who can I attack with intolerance and disdain to prove my loyalty and allyship to you, if only you can validate and love me, so I can feel worthy in your presence and my life , which I really don’t feel like I have any control of…” Feel familiar?

It is pathetic !!! And I love you. And I recognize we have all been guilty of it. For sure. We had to try it on to see if it fit, to “do the work” as they say. But something is missing for me.

A good, free man, connected to his instinct (biology) and intuition (spirit) does not cower towards the threats of expulsion, enslavement and or infringements of personal liberty.

Instead stands straight up, recognizes what is at play, and protects his family, community, and network, at all cost, even with their life. Because that is what men do. They create the container and containment for evolution by serving the feminine and family with loyalty, devotion, and fierceness fueled by courage, the rage of the heart!

And if we don’t have men like this in our lives, we should be asking ourselves why?

Sure we don’t need appreciation and acknowledgement, but we sure as heck don’t need a society emasculating us either. The evolution of sharing power, and figuring out our roles and family life, in a modern time, stripped from our traditional roots of raising family in community, is difficult enough as it is. This attack on men is weakening our social fabric, and it is time we acknowledge and repair it.

We don’t need to be celebrated or venerated, but we do require respect, which serves self-confidence, which inspires us to show up as good men and serve women, in balance, imperfect, focused on the higher good, which for most is family.

So men, it is time to man up again. Yes. It is a call to DUTY.

Reminding you who and what you are, and telling you we need you now more than ever.

Walk a path of honor and integrity, and roar your loudest roar.

I fucking see you. Now is time to remember you were never the lamb, and always the lion!


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