The Politics of Pain

Written by on July 14, 2017

As one works with their core wounds and unsettled emotional body, moving feelings of anger, rage, and despair in a conscious, healthy and safe way, the turmoils, dramas and stories being drummed up all around you, seem to have less and less effect or intended control over you.

You see, everyone is hurting and fighting some story of victimhood. EVERYONE. Everyone is trying to legitimize their pain as the most legitimate by being the loudest or staunchest supporter of one topic or another by putting the other down.

Some even marginalize themselves so much in order to make their pain the most special, rare or most important to validate their pain and their special sadness and position in life.

When we one group takes away another groups’ voice, opinion or experience of being human, there is an attempt at taking away that very important fundamental human right: Freedom.

Being unwilling to have a conversation, while blaring one’s own position, is a form of control and manipulation that only creates separation (coming from fear) with an inability to return to the communion of the heart that each of us are so longing to have. This, ultimately, is the cornerstone of war. Attacks without a desire or openess to form dialogue or resolution.

However, when you practice being emotionally current or detached to any outcome, your ability to fly above the chaos of those expressing their pain through fighting and attacks becomes surprisingly easier.

This planet is filled with pain. Filled with wrongdoings. Filled with unconsciousness and intense dense emotions.

How we surf those waves of turmoil is critical in creating an environment that is safe, loving and allows space for all colors of the rainbow to emerge, heal, expand or thrive.

See, compassion IS the corner stone of healing. It is not weakness or ever wrong to ever be a point of departure for any topic looking for healing or understanding.

I’m sorry, Please forgive me. I love you, thank you.

This is not a sign of weakness. Its called holding space, and witnessing w out judgement.

Being a voice for an unpopular position is scary and dangerous in today’s day and age. People will select and distort your message to build their own sense of power and try to scare and intimidate you (bullying) into becoming smaller and discrediting an important conversation. Speak anyway.

Being a point of projection is a community service.

It gives people a direction for their rage, anger and sadness. It gives people an opportunity to share and hopefully move some of that said pain. Whether you believe it or not, if you can hold your center, you become an agent of healing.

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