The Sting of Eden

Written by on January 31, 2017

The Sting of Eden
#Poeticexpressions #firstime

Slithering through the Garden, seducing to bite.
Open and trusting, the innocence delights.

Tasting the juices of the sweet fruit.
It’s redness and wetness, addictive as truth.

The Serpent too does, relish and taste.
For prize of the red, was the blood of it’s faith.

As the toxins flow, and the body fights poison.
Comes a sense of ecstasy, a spiritual potion.

The body trembles, the spirit flows.
And in that still moment the mind seems to go.

The feelings of places, timeless and unseen.
Is the gift of the medicine, from the mouth of the dream.

For the vastness is ecstasy, at the cusp of the death.
But call to life sounds, as the whistle of breath.

There is bliss in passion, and love in death.
For they are one in the same, and fear hath no more zest.

As the undying heart pounds for cosmic revival,
So does the Flame from the embers of last Tribal.

And from that heat grow, a light that is blinding,
For the light of the world, can only be uniting.

Shaking off the poison, like a full body glow.
Eyes re-open and love, seems to flow.

The kaleidoscope, that is being, from these realms and beyond.
Give signs of clear seeing, a life that is one.

No longer afraid, of death that is passing.
Comes the passion for life, and a path that is flashing!!

“Go forth”, says the Dragon,
“It is a time of right action.

Intention is Sacred.
Be calm and be steady.

Get to work brother,
Now you are ready.”

– fmo –


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