Voluntary Martial law and ID 2020

Written by on May 11, 2020

Based on the amount of info emerging around the vaccine agenda and ID2020, I am 70% confident (this is a guess), that regardless of how it plays out, humanity will move to mass protest. This will be the new civil rights movement. It will play out for the next 10 yrs unless, of course, they flip the program, and entrench people deep into fear, and the vaccine becomes “voluntarily mandatory”. Oxymoron? I agree. Stick with me.

It is going to be a bit like this quarantine. it is not “medical martial law” as patriots feared at the get go. However, we are doing it voluntarily, while giving us fines for not social distancing. so technically we are in martial law, only voluntarily!

They know this. They know that resistance is coming, so how will they complete their agenda without force or totalitarianism? What I believe they will do is implement universal income post economic collapse due to c v d, and eventually, you will be told that in order to keep receiving UI, you will need to get on the AI grid and blockchain, hence take the vaccine! A large portion of the population will voluntarily vax for the $$$ to survive and or because they believe their life will not be safe without it. If that happens, mass adoption will be inevitable, and the new draw will be to actually not be left behind the technology upgrade. Ex, everyone carries a trackable phone now because we could not “live without it” in current tech times!

And just like that, a whole human race will offer themselves to eternal servitude to the “machine”. Yes. it is Sci-fi times! #matrix. Traced, and trackable. Where they will be able to use social scoring, read your biometrics, ie emotions, sensations etc through nanotech and five gee. It is already all in place. They are just setting up the conditions for full rollout. C V D was part 1 of that. There is no reason why we would ever need to vaccinate all 7 billion people on the planet as Gates is suggesting. So why now? Gates is a Eugenicist. Coming out of Nazi-ism. He is obsessed with population control, and he will stop at nothing to execute his demonic plan. MARK. MY. WORDS.

So what now? Inform yourself about ID2020, the partners, the agenda. Read what the UN2030 plan is, and see how many markers Gates is part of to execute their plan. Great initiative, questionable deployment plan linked to technocracy. Honestly, none of it is a theory (well except above on how i am assuming they will get us to do this voluntarily). The rest is all available online through official websites and straight from the ass’ mouth.

But maybe this is exactly what is awaiting humanity. Maybe this is exactly what is needed to upgrade our being-ness, towards greater intelligence and possibly immortality? Maybe singularity is part of the NEW RACE prophecy has often pointed to. Maybe the time has come?

Either way, I am ok with it. My only true desire is we go in with awareness and consent, and not be duped by fear into a program humanity does not consciously want!

Now you know. Don’t believe me. Do your homework!
This is the hour we have been told about!
This is the time our teachers have taught us about!
We are all in this together!

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