Warrior of the Heart – Embodying the New Masculine

Written by on March 24, 2015

Join Frank Mondeose & Araminta Barbour for this one-off event exploring the emerging masculinity of these times.

We are witnessing the birth of a New Sacred Masculine capable of being fully present, deeply heart-connected, able to penetrate through paradigms that no longer serve, and fiercely protective of the world. There is a lot of interest and discussion about the Divine Feminine re-emerging on the planet. In many men’s eyes, there are women’s circles and empowerment classes seemingly happening everywhere and they celebrate and recognise the need for this, but, what about men? How do men show up at this time for themselves, their families and their communities? Where are the rituals of initiation that support men’s equally heroic journeys of awakening and self-knowledge? How do men navigate through the anxiety, depression and frustration when they have so much on their shoulders?

This is a chance to allow our brothers to share their experience of these times; and, a chance to gain greater understanding of how to mature our masculine energy whether we are in a man’s or a woman’s body.

How can we let go of the damaging aspects of the patriarchy without moving into violent reaction without suppressing healthy masculinity? How can we honour ourselves and our ancestors for all that has been achieved when there is so much awareness of the flaws and damage of our behaviour to date? How can we truly integrate without moving into a reactionary pendulum swing? It is key that we upscale our understanding of how to evolve our masculine aspects to have the presence for these times of great upheaval.

This exploratory event will be divided in 2 parts.

Part One – will allow you to hear from Frank Mondeose sharing his own journey – from Lust to Love. Frank has been a key player in the Montreal nightlife industry – creating a successful, respected luxury-erotic brand, Monde Ose – and putting on some of the best and sexiest parties in the industry. A modern day renaissance man and “benevolent warrior”, Frank shares his personal journey and transformation from lust to the path of higher love, sex and spirit. He will share why he embraced Tantra as a path to love, his deep respect for women, and how he brings sexual healing, empowerment and transformation to others. He has studied all over the world with international leaders in the field prioritising integration of his spirituality with his sexuality. He has documented some of this journey through his fantastic bog – the Spiritual Playboy – https://thespiritualplayboy.com/

Part Two – We will explore the specific challenges men face to evolve beyond the conditioned masculine roles and love all aspects of themselves, without surrendering their balls! How to move through fear of failure, family and social patterning, and keep an open heart in the face of a world that appears to be dying. How to interact with women successfully and still be fully honouring to the masculine nature? How does healthy masculine sexuality express? How can we share power and move from competition to cooperation with our brothers?

This event is recommended for both men and women. We will also be focusing on how the masculine energy expresses in women’s bodies. Where does safety really come from? What is the true dance between magnetising our desires to us and taking direct action? How do women best support their brothers and lovers to go through these times?

Cost: 150Q ($20)
Free to those participating in the Konojel Juice Fast

Please register – maximum group size – 30.
3325 8297



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