What is the limit to brotherhood?

Written by on May 23, 2023

I got your back brother.
You can count on me brother.
We are in this together brother.

Those are the words that I live by. Ferociously loyal. If you experienced my love, you know this.

This is also the creed I deliver in my brotherhood journeys. Many people have felt them. Integrated them. Upgraded because of them.

But is there ever a limit to this creed? Brotherhood is about honour. Especially honouring our word, commitment and values.

Sometimes being in brotherhood hurts and yet there is still love there. That’s when we have the opportunity to dive into the fire with the brother. That’s where we courageously lean in to say the things and clear the air no matter how difficult, trying or painful. We do this so we can look into each other’s eyes again and see the loyalty, commitment, and love even when there is pain and hurt. There is a window where this pain can be shared, empathised with and transmuted together. In that gaze, you know this person is for you.

And what happens when brotherhood fails. Lost in translation, misunderstandings, stubbornness, betrayal, doubling down….

Then what? When there is no change, no upgrade, no evolution? Only continued destructive patterns towards the love between you and at the centre.

At what point do we continue to have our brother’s back when they don’t recognize the damage, they are creating due to their own unhealed issues.

When their demons lead to competition, separation and domination?

When their actions go against the synergy of relationship and community values?

When personal agendas and ambitions muddy the waters of service, we are all bound to in the brotherhood. What then?

Well with this brotherhood creed, we also receive a sword. This is the sword of truth, that cuts away the bullshit, starting with our own. It is imperative to do the introspection, clear the weeds, get in touch with the shadow, and get clear and cantered. Own mistakes, and atone for them. And when that clearing is done, we can look at the outside world with confidence, connected to intuition and see where the bullshit is coming from.

First, we advance with heart, compassion, open, willing to listen and learn, patience and inclusivity. When that does not change anything; when behaviour continues to be antagonistic, self-centred, and damaging, then, we can give ourselves full permission to get out our swords and cut out this external bullshit.

First set the boundary, and if not met, then the brotherhood bond is broken and self-care is of utmost importance.

My motto. I will stand with you and have your back as long as, in my eyes, you are taking steps forward and have my back as well. This is not a one-way street. Even half a step sometimes will be sufficient when consciousness has not caught up with actions.

But when we are consistently met with digging heels, steps backwards, or creating more havoc, then we can reserve the right to release ourselves of our commitment to this creed.

In the worst case scenario, this may even result in them becoming an adversary (we have all had that bad boyfriend or girlfriend that just won’t go away and are obsessed with you right? Same thing).

Adversary is actually a more honest description than brother at this point. And yet there can still be love. And this boundary is the love. No matter what people project on to you for it.

Adversaries work against your best interest or the interest of the collective for their own motivation or outcomes.

They consciously challenge you from an unhealthy place, mistaking kindness for weakness, and compassion for impotence.

This is an error of highest proportions. For a true brother, holding the line for brotherhood, holds the line for integrity and difficult choices. That is what it means to be a man. To face painful decisions and hold the line anyway because you hold the line not only for your own self-respect, but for the love for your community, and the next 7 generations. This is generational healing and it needs to happen now!

So yes, I will have your back. You can count on me, and we are in this together. And, your actions and motivations need to be aligned with the values of the collective brotherhood or else you are just using the brotherhood to advance your own agenda and little personal empire built on sand, magnified w smoke and mirrors.

And this I do not stand for in any which way no matter how the magician wants to spin it. To this I will always hold the line, for myself, my allies, my ancestors and my descendants.

You can count on me.
I’m in it alone if I have to.
I am not afraid. I am love.
I serve love and evolution.

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