When The Beloved Beckons – By Amir Masud

Written by on August 4, 2019

When The Beloved Beckons

The beloved beckoned
“take root here”
and so I uprooted myself
and took root where the beloved appeared

The beloved whispered
“expose your heart”
and so I pried apart my ribcage
and held my heart, exposed

The beloved invited
“Dive in deep for love”
So I became the roots
and dove deep into the earth
into the oceans that rage beneath
and stood rooted without a breath

And here, the beloved vanished
and I stood rooted
unable to breathe
heart dripping in my hands
Where are you, Beloved?
Why forsake me such?
Tied down in the dark
Vulnerable and breathless?
Why do you abandon me?

I yelled
and I heard the ocean, and the fish
and the trees, and the roots
and the earth, and the snakes
and the skies, and the birds
and my heart
all echo in reply

-Amir Masud


About the Author

Amir Masud is a poet and filmmaker. His poems are inspired by the Sufi and Shamanic paths. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

The book (100% author royalties go to animal rescue organizations)

This Is True, This Is Real

(The spectacular featured image art by Daria Hlazatova)

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