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Written by on November 21, 2017

In Tantra, the feminine receptive centre is the Yoni. The masculine receptive centre is the Heart.

Violations happen all the time.

Humanity has been wounding itself for centuries because we have fallen into the illusion of separation, as though an assault on one, is not an assault on self and the collective.
What we are witnessing is the harvest of a culture of “ego centrality and reactivity”.

The belief that good people have never done wrong is infantile at best. Our culture builds up icons, only to blood thirstily take them down and shame the outcast. I see it as a coping strategy of avoidance.

It lacks the awareness and humility of the imperfection of humanity, and the point of our journeys here on earth. It is so easy to get lost in the script of our times, and the frame we have been born into.

An alternative approach to ego centrality and reactivity is the ability to return to the “Responsiveness of the Soul”. To arrive we must first re-member what “love” really is, and that there is no true separation.

Each of us has a responsibility in healing the collective. Often the initial reaction is activism. A fight against the status quo, a noble step, as awareness is a key to transformation.
Another, internal and more shamanistic approach, with far greater potential for soul realization, is to “stalk” or “track” our ego and shadow for where we lacked love and fall into separation, limitation, need and greed. The result is most often pain or hurt inflicted on self or another. Regardless of it’s form, it is an offence. When we begin to face our shadows and our personal offences, we offer ourselves a softening of our egos, and a glimpse into unity consciousness. We recognize the importance of personal responsibility and forgiveness for planetary healing.
As we transform ourselves, we transform our environment, and outward until the world changes.

This war on consciousness will not be won with a fight. The call is to love, and a path back to the harmony of our infinite nature in the wholly flow.


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