Wrestling with Demons – My 2017 Shadow Conclusion

Written by on December 23, 2017

2017 was a very hard one for me. On one side, it was everything I could ask for. Travelling the world and working w brothers and sisters. Watching them transform as we all invested our energy in transformation. A real dream come true. I am a lucky one.

On the other hand, I carried a deep wound which has led to multiple health issues. This open wound could not heal. Salt was rubbed in over and over while I sat on the sidelines hoping for a crack of divine light. It didn’t come.

I got used to the sting. I got comfortable with the discomfort and the unpleasant feeling my personality carried.

Not a day goes by that I am not tending to it. Cleansing, changing bandages and pouring love into it.

As the year ends, I see how the last 18 months has given me a great gift.

It has fueled my already raging fire of the heart. It has given me wisdom. It has unveiled my shadows and allowed me to see them, tend to them, transform them. Regular deep spiritual work was my medicine.

It has inspired me. It has opened doors of perception I did not have access to before. It has given me new vision on this path of transformation.

A shaman does not reject his reality. He travels in other dimensions, works in the subtle realms, transmutes dense energy, redirects it and brings it through into “ordinary” reality and uses it to heal. Heal himself, his community and the collective.

The scar remains. A great reminder. Just like the symbols tattooed on my body, they are a rift in this reality, and a portal into extra-ordinary reality.

Some things you can’t control. Even when you try to regain “control”, something that needs to transform, will transform no matter the resistance.

It’s a great reminder of how we are “awake” passengers on this journey of life. Our personality can plot the perfect course, but the soul is truly the driver. When our personality and souls are disconnected, the ride can feel very long, painful and scary. When we release to soul wisdom, we come into clarity that all is in perfection.

Regardless we still live in a very dense manifest plain. So I continue to nurture the wound. Give it love and nurturance, and surrender to the itinerary of the soul, w courage and wild abandon.

I release that which I don’t have control over and I do it fearlessly with a lust for life and greater bursting flames of a sacred heart. I am love. No question.

I know my place. I understand the wisdom that is coming through and I use it to get bigger, more powerful and ultimately more Loving, so that I can be in highest service of the shift in paradigm that is currently happening.

I am a steward of this process, and I am excited to share it with any personality that got a glimpse of their soul itinerary.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Meet me.


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